Johnny Russler

Vocals, Lead Guitar, Perussion, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Tri-Tone Samba Whistle.

Johnny Russler was born December 6th, 1974 in the Southwest 'burbs of Chicago. He started traveling to tropical places as a youngster. All those trips to Florida with his parents sparked the wanderlust in his heart.

One night, a thirteen year old Johnny (& his mom) went to the Def Leppard concert. It was there Johnny knew he wanted, or rather -NEEDED- to play guitar. Was it the 30,000 screaming fans? Was it the screaming guitars? Was it the show?

That night Johnny asked his Mom to buy him a guitar. That Christmas, his wish came true. That summer Johnny joined his first hair band.

For years Johnny played in the Chicagoland "Hair Band" Circuit. Voodoo Vibe Tribe was the name of the band.

The Beginnings of a Beach Bum

One night Johnny went to the neighborhood Hooters. That night there was a Jimmy Buffett party. Johnny tapped his foot to that "Margaritaville" song and ate his Chicken Wings.

Days later, while listening to the Jonathan Brandmier Radio Showgram, he heard this song "Fruitcakes." He fell in love with the song. Only to find out that it was Jimmy Buffett. What else was there to do? Johnny needed the music to start him on his path to the beach.

Johnny went out and bought the whole Jimmy Buffett collection. His collection has been growing ever since.

Rock n' Roll Refugee

After the downfall of Hair Bands Johnny followed his calling. He embraced the beach bum lifestyle. He started traveling to Florida, New Orleans, and the Caribbean. His song writing went from Rock n Roll to Riddim' n Roll. Soon after, he traded in the leather pants for a Hawaiian shirt. After the Hawaiian shirt went got on his skin there was no turning back. With Caribbean music in the stereo and a margarita in one hand, Johnny is a full fledged Rock n Roll Refugee.